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We represent diverse expertise in enterprise AI and help both technical and non-technical business leaders advance their understanding and mastery of applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Mariya Yao

Mariya is an entrepreneur and investor leveraging high-impact applications of novel AI & machine learning technologies for modern businesses. She has partnered with leading global companies such as Google, Baidu, IBM Watson, L’Oreal, PayPal, and LinkedIn to drive AI strategy, implementation, and education for technology and enterprise leaders. As a researcher and “AI designer”, Mariya helps executives gain mastery over technical concepts and effectively leverage machine intelligence to transform products and businesses.

She is an invited speaker and presenter at academic events like NeurIPS and AAAI as well as industry conferences like CES and SxSW. Mariya studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Duke University and her research specialization is natural language processing with a focus on conversational AI.


Mariya Can Teach You:

  • How to design AI-powered products and services that people love to use
  • How to apply AI research and breakthroughs from industry and academia to your business
  • How to develop a data strategy and technology stack to enable scalable AI applications
  • How to lead successful AI teams of diverse executives, engineers, and experts
  • How to plan, manage, and measure progress for pilot AI initiatives
  • How to train non-technical executives on the technical nuances of applied AI


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Our Satisfied Customers

It was such pleasure having Mariya speak onstage at CES 2018 about topics from her book, Applied AI! She made a highly technical topic very accessible and engaging for our audience of business leaders and technology professionals. I’d be delighted to invite her to speak again at a future event.
Cindy Stevens

Senior Director, Consumer Electronics Association

The authors’ energy, enthusiasm and expertise on artificial intelligence really shine through. They take a complicated topic and add to it the perfect balance of technical and applicable examples. Their presentation is a “14” out of “10.” All of them have a standing invitation to speak at any of my future conferences.
Jeff Pulver

Founder, MoNage & Vonage

Mariya gave a room full of C-Level executives a college level course in bots & AI. All the while, she got the room to break out in hysterics on a topic they knew little about. If you’re looking for timely tech trends presented in an entertaining and informative way, there’s no one better to go with than these ladies.
Bill Vreeland

Vice President, Medialink

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