The AI industry is fast-moving and ever-evolving. In order to help readers of our book Applied AI: A Handbook For Business Leaders stay updated on the latest news and continue to apply emerging technologies to their companies, we’ve created these supplemental resources to guide you on your enterprise automation journey.

Our book and additional resources are designed to help you learn at your own pace and apply our lessons to your organizations. However, if you want additional executive education and advisory, you can book a keynote or workshop with one of the book authors.

Modern AI & Machine Learning Technologies

Having a hard time understanding the different technologies under the wider umbrella of “artificial intelligence”? Here’s a handy guide to reference if you need to remember the difference between data mining, expert systems, deep learning, and other modern AI approaches.

Machine Intelligence Continuum

If you’re not an engineer, the technical nuances of AI techniques can be confusing. To help business executives disentangle the functional differences between different AI approaches, we’ve segmented applications along our Machine Intelligence Continuum (MIC). The MIC represents a continuum from simple, scripted automation to superhuman intelligence and highlights the functional capabilities of different levels of machine intelligence.

Enterprise AI Vendor Landscape 

Third-party solutions exist for every enterprise function, ranging from sales and marketing, finance and legal, and HR and operations. We’ve compiled leading companies from each sector to enable you to find the best technology for your business use case.

AI Vendor Evaluation Checklist 

Choosing the right third-party enterprise software for your unique business use cases can be a daunting task, especially when you need to evaluate their machine learning capabilities. We’ve created a checklist you can use as a starting point for your research and procurement process.

100 Examples Of Brand Bots

Ever since messaging apps overtook social networks in popularity, leading global brands have built chatbots, voice experiences, and other conversational AI systems to streamline business functions ranging from sales and marketing, to customer service and enterprise productivity. We’ve compiled 100 examples of brand bots across industries and functions for you to use as a reference and inspiration.

AI Strategy Framework

We provide a more detailed breakdown of the AI Strategy Framework mentioned in our book, which includes step-by-step workflows, recommended best practices, and checklists to guide your decision-making. We put years of expertise working with leading global enterprises into this material, so the content is only available to customers of our executive education offerings. Sign up below to learn more about our corporate education designed for business leaders.

Get Additional Expert Advisory

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