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Top 6 NLP Language Models Transforming AI In 2023

In the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, natural language processing has become a focal point for researchers and developers alike. As a testament to the remarkable progress in this area, several groundbreaking language models have emerged in recent...

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10 Leading Language Models For NLP In 2022

UPDATE: We have published the updated version of this article, considering the latest research advances in large language models. Check out Top 6 NLP Language Models Transforming AI in 2023. The introduction of transfer learning and pretrained language models in...

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7 AI Companies Revolutionizing Recruiting

AI won’t take the "human" out of HR, but applying novel machine learning capabilities can eliminate repetitive and monotonous activities in recruiting and talent management. The power of automation is based on being able to design and reimagine the daily processes...

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8 AI Companies Generating Creative Advertising Content

After the introduction of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in 2014, a whole new era for AI image synthesis began. The latest GAN architectures can generate high-resolution, realistic, and colorful images that are almost impossible to distinguish from the real...

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These 10 Companies Are Transforming Marketing With AI

Traditional marketing tools lack the flexibility, scalability, and comprehensiveness to address many of the challenges faced by modern companies. With growing digitization and an always-online audience, more marketing teams now require artificial intelligence (AI) to...

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14 Ways Machine Learning Can Boost Your Marketing

Marketing success depends on many factors. You need accurate consumer research to build your branding strategy, engaging content to delight your audience, a firm grasp of behavioral economics, and a near mystical ability to intuit how people will weigh your message...

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