AI won’t take the “human” out of HR, but applying novel machine learning capabilities can eliminate repetitive and monotonous activities in recruiting and talent management.

The power of automation is based on being able to design and reimagine the daily processes that organizations rely on. However, to adopt new technologies effectively, companies need to truly understand the potential that AI offers them.

In this article, we feature companies with proven AI and ML expertise that are transforming HR activities with state-of-the-art AI-driven solutions.

1. Mya Systems

Hiring chatbot Mya Systems uses conversational AI to streamline the recruiting process for staffing agencies and companies such as L’Oréal, Adecco, Hays, and Deloitte.

Mya guides candidates through the entire hiring process, starting from the job search and up to the onboarding. To allow natural conversation with the candidates, Mya leverages state-of-the-art approaches from natural language processing and understanding:

  • by using semantic parsing, named entity recognition, and intent classification, the chatbot can capture meaningful information from the human responses;
  • using dynamic dialogue management, Mya can understand context, complex statements, and changes to previous answers;
  • by learning continuously from millions of interactions, the dialog system constantly improves the accuracy of its responses.

The solution is supported by a team of experienced machine learning engineers and NLP engineers.

Conversation Quality Matters (source)

L’Oréal rolled out its first conversational platform with Mya Systems, increasing candidates’ satisfaction. According to Niilesh Bhoite, Chief Digital Officer for HR at L’Oréal, “The results of the first 10,000 recruiting conversations show that Mya engages with 92% of our candidates in an efficient way and achieves a near 100% satisfaction rate. We’ve received great feedback from our applicants. Many commented on how easy and personal the experience felt.”

2. Wade & Wendy

Wade & Wendy’s AI-driven solutions automate task-driven recruitment processes for both job seekers and recruiters:

  • Wade supports candidates in their job seeking and career advancement efforts. After learning about the person’s skills, experiences, and goals, Wade guides job seekers to the right job opportunities for their professional growth.
  • Wendy is a solution for recruiters who want to offload repetitive tasks to a smart assistant. A recruiter only needs to post a job description and then Wendy will proceed with identifying the best talent, promoting job descriptions with partners and email marketing campaigns, chatting with candidates, screening and shortlisting applicants, and scheduling interviews.

For example, when a Fortune 100 manufacturing organization deployed Wendy to source and screen candidates, this AI-driven chatbot conducted hundreds of in-depth personalized conversations with job seekers to identify 325 qualified and interested candidates in just two weeks.

The intelligence of Wade & Wendy is driven by a proprietary recruiting conversation system, cutting-edge text parsing techniques, intelligent workflow automation, and a robust knowledge graph consisting of conversational utterances, linguistic logic, and attributes about job seekers, candidates, and job positions.

To achieve the best performance for their conversational system, NLP data scientists at Wade & Wendy experiment with cutting-edge models, including BERT and XLNet.

3. AllyO

AllyO offers end-to-end AI recruiting software from “Hi” to “Hired”,  including a wide range of different products:

  • AllyO RECRUIT captures candidates with a conversational AI system, identifies high-potential candidates using smart screening and assessment, and automatically schedules interviews.
  • AllyO Assist is an AI-powered assistant that automates the HR helpdesk.
  • AllyO Connect is a texting platform that ensures higher candidate and employee engagement in communication.
  • AllyO Schedule enables automated interview scheduling, manages rescheduling and cancelation options, and allows single-click video interviewing.
  • AllyO Survey automates employee surveying, including new hire check-ins, exit interviews, and gathering important insights on diversity and inclusion, employee happiness, and employee engagement.

The solution providers claim that they are trusted by 15% of the Fortune 50 companies across 16+ industries. For example, Anixter International decided to staff their warehouses with 50 more employees using the AllyO solution. Specifically, AllyO was deployed for screening and scheduling candidates for the two hiring events. With this AI-driven solution, the company was able to schedule over 700 interviews in a span of a few weeks, resulting in the required number of qualified hires.

Anixter International Case Study (source)

Learn more about how AllyO handles complex and persistent multi-step workflows within their deep conversational AI system with Kathleen Preddy, NLP Applied Scientist at AllyO.

4. HiredScore

HiredScore transforms how companies hire and retain employees by providing AI-driven solutions that seamlessly integrate with the clients’ existing HR systems, ensuring compliance and security:

  • Spotlight ensures candidate scoring customized for each company’s hiring processes and needs.
  • Fetch helps with proactive reviewing of past candidates and employees for new open positions.
  • HiredScored Express allows quicker and easier high-volume hiring with a mobile-friendly recruiter platform.

In addition, HiredScore provides tools for:

  • recommending internal employees for open positions;
  • building smart analytics that maximizes recruiters’ effectiveness;
  • capturing feedback from hiring managers in a mobile-friendly hub;
  • ensuring 100% data compatibility, data utilization, and data privacy compliance.
How does HiredScore work? (source)

Alcoa, a large enterprise that pioneered the aluminum industry over 130 years ago, had challenges with processing a high volume of applicants in the absence of appropriate technology support. HiredScore has significantly improved its hiring practices by offering a data-driven solution for applicant prioritization, automated data analytics for providing insights into key aspects of successful candidates, and quick and seamless integration with existing HR systems.

The company’s proprietary AI is customized for each client, proactively mitigates bias, and is trained on a large dataset that includes 25M CVs, 50M job posts, and 21K career trees. Deep learning techniques are developed and implemented by an experienced team of applied ML researchers and data scientists.

5. Hiretual

Hiretual offers yet another set of AI-powered comprehensive solutions for most recruiting activities:

  • Its sourcing solution relies on an AI engine, which is a self-learning and self-expanding infrastructure that consists of 40+ platforms, 700M+ candidate profiles, and 100M+ job descriptions, and tracks 50M+ companies.
  • Its engagement solution integrates seamlessly with all email service providers to build candidate pipelines that maximize recruiters’ productivity and candidates’ engagement.

Hiretual can be easily integrated with 30+ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) to save time with one seamless workflow, sync candidate activities, and manage duplicates. The solution is supported by smart business analytics and industry-standard security and compliance measures.

Numerous case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Hiretual’s solution for companies of different sizes. Poshmark, a leading social commerce marketplace with 430 employees, is growing fast and needed a platform to fill in a high number of open positions. With Hiretual they achieved 40% less time spent on sourcing, a 75% increase in response rates, and a 60% increase in the number of qualified leads.

Chenega Corporation, with 5000 employees, works in the government contracting industry and provides diverse and qualified employees to federal and commercial businesses. The company had difficulty connecting with candidates on social media platforms. After deploying Hiretual, they no longer had to manually hunt through candidate profiles in search of the top candidates. They reduced time-to-hire by 10%, spent 50% less time on sourcing, had a 30% increase in response rates, and a 40% growth in the number of qualified candidates.

The company’s experienced team of machine learning engineers is headed by CTO and co-founder of Hiretual, Xinwen Zhang. You can also learn more about how AI and machine learning technologies are transforming hiring practices in an interview with Hiretual’s CEO and co-founder Steven Jiang.

6. Textio

Textio’s augmented writing solution helps companies speak the language of their job candidates to increase the effectiveness of the hiring process:

  • Textio Flow allows writing a new job ad from scratch in minutes.
  • Hiring Score predicts how effective the job posting will be at recruiting top candidates.
  • Gender Bias Meter helps recruiters reveal the hidden gender bias in their writing and suggests alternatives to draw a broader applicant pool.
  • Central Library, the shared repository for the hiring documents and all the key phrases, helps companies sound consistent and in line with the company culture.

Textio states that nearly a quarter of companies in the Fortune 500 have chosen their augmented writing technology for all of their hiring communications. The customers trusting Textio include Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, and Zillow Group. As an example, Procter & Gamble has seen a 30% increase in their number of qualified applicants after adopting Textio.

Data science and natural language processing methods are embedded into the Textio solutions by a strong group of language and data specialists headed by Julie Letchner, and experienced teams of data scientists and NLP engineers.

Learn how Textio works in this two-minute video:

7. HireVue

HireVue is arguably the best-known AI-powered hiring platform. This all-in-one solution includes:

  • pre-hire assessments that collect tens of thousands of data points in a single assessment to provide recruiters with the most accurate insights into every candidate’s job-related competencies;
  • a video interviewing solution that allows conducting Live interviews that connect recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates in real time, as well as OnDemand interviews that let applicants record responses to structured, consistent, job-relevant questions anytime and anywhere;
  • game-based assessments that algorithmically link candidate gameplay to job-relevant competencies for more effective pre-hire assessments as well as assessments for internal mobility and leadership potential;
  • coding assessments in common programming languages, which are used to accurately measure job-relevant technical skills;
  • HireVue Coordinate, which automates interview scheduling.
HireVue Video Interview (source)

HireVue solutions are deployed by 700+ companies, including Unilever, Vodafone, PwC, and Oracle. As an example, Unilever deployed HireVue AI-driven assessments and achieved £1M annual cost savings, a 90% reduction in time to hire, and a 16% increase in diversity in hiring.

Along with voice and facial recognition software, HireVue has a proprietary algorithm to determine which candidates are ideal for a specific job by analyzing their vocabulary, speech patterns, body language, tone, and facial expressions. The sophisticated machine learning algorithms are implemented by a strong team of data scientists headed by Dr. Lindsey Zuloaga.

The article was originally published on TOPBOTS.